Message from the Chair


Katherine Lee

2017 NESACS Chair
Leland L. Johnson, Jr.

Previous Section Chairs
... from Leland L. Johnson, Jr.
The Conditas Group
The Northeastern Section of the American Chemical Society has been known for innovation and leading the way locally and globally. Our section is situated in an area with representatives from the top talent pools of chemistry and the chemical sciences, from industry and academia.
The executive committee of our section has performed admirably in an effort to capture the institutional memory of our section while engaging new volunteers to continue the work of the section. Over the past several years, vast inroads have been made in these areas:
  • Streamlining the publication and delivery of our award-winning newsletter, The Nucleus;
  • Redesigning and re-launching the website;
  • Updating the way we register for meetings within the section;
  • Engaging our members and the general public in order to increase awareness of our section and promote the
    benefits of chemistry to our society and the world.
In 2015, I was humbled by the result of my election to Chair-Elect for 2016. I am honored by the trust you have placed
in me to lead the section in the specific ways that a NESACS Chair is able to do so. In 2016, as Program Chair and
Chair-Elect for our section, I focused on finding interesting chemists, leaders, and at least one politician to speak with
our section. I also found that diversity and innovation were prominent themes for the monthly meetings I was privileged
to organize. This led to a strong group of speakers and panelists from industry, academia and government, including
a greater number of speakers and panelists who are women and/or are from under-represented groups in STEM.
This boldly illustrates that we have tremendous depth within and around our section, and efforts to highlight our inspiring members should continue in the coming years.
Whether through named awards given throughout the year or highly visible outreach to Boy Scouts, National Chemistry Week, or “Area Meetings,” our section will continue to shape the positive public perceptions of chemistry
and the influence of chemistry through our networking activities, professional improvement, and social events.
Personally and professionally, networking and communication have been key drivers of success, and key indicators of impending (for me, personal or professional) failure. This is true of NESACS. Our committees are very strong and very involved and very dedicated. We should focus on coalescing with a goal to move forward, together…for and with NESACS.
I have had the distinct privilege of working with amazing chemists, of course, and dedicated volunteers in our section. What I have found is that so many ask if they are “able to help,” and to those members who are willing to serve: I hope that I am able to answer your questions sufficiently.
I was introduced to the section through our award-winning Exchange Program to Germany. From there, I served the NSYCC as Career Chair, then Chair, and then with sage advice from former section Chairs, I moved to Publicity Chair, then Alternate/Councilor and member of the Fundraising Committee. I have seen the section from the inside and the outside, and I will always encourage you to come in, to roll up your sleeves, and to have a lasting impact on our section.
In closing, so many have dedicated their time, their sweat, and their hearts to our section. We have had to offer sad,
yet fond farewells to too many in 2016. Some are still with us. Some live in the legacy of their service. Let us not forget
them. Let us honor them by strengthening our section with our own service. So many are already answering this call.
We need each and every one of you.
When you see programs that interest you, PLEASE, get involved. When you see programs that were once fallow, now re-invigorated, with new blood and new life, THANK those members! When you see programs that could benefit from your own input, your service, and your help; please VOLUNTEER!
2017 will be an amazing year for NESACS! I am here to answer your calls and emails. Thank you, and please be in touch! Lee