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Nulabel Technologies
Computational Chemist
  Computational Chemist, Therapeutic Discover Sciences
  X-Chem Pharmaceuticals
  Waltham, MA

Job Description
X-Chem Pharmaceutics has an immediate opening for an exceptional computational chemist to bring a range of tools (including molecular modelling, SBDD and chemoinformatics) to bear on active drug discovery programs. X-Chem operates an industry leading DEL (DNA-Encloded-Library) screening platform and the current opportunity involves joining a highly collaborative team dedicated to the advancement of this chemical matter into drug candidates across a range of therapeutic areas.


The full-time position will contribute directly to hit-to-lead and lead optimization programs by identifying and applying computational chemistry techniques to advance these programs. Additional responsibilities will include maintaining an awareness of current developments in the fields of computational chemistry and drug discovery, resulting in the identification and recommendation of new tools and capabilities when appropriate. The successful candidate will also be expected to develop and deliver scientific reports and presentations internally or externally as needed, and attend key conferences to remain at the forefront of the field.

  • PhD, or equivalent, in the field of chemistry or computational chemistry with >6 years of experience working in small-molecule drug discovery teams in a pharma or biotech setting.
  • Broad experience in all aspects of modern computational chemistry (including chemoinformatics, conformational analysis, scaffold-morphing, structure/ligand/fragment-based design, etc) with a demonstrated track record of success in the application of these techniques to drug discovery programs, as evidenced by patents and publications.
  • Strong understanding of all aspects of modern drug discovery including medicinal chemistry, multi-parameter optimization, DMPK principles, etc.
  • Ability to independently solve problems, to think critically and creatively as part of a fast-paced research team.
  • Excellent communication, organizational and time management skills.
  • Attention to detail, commitment to quality and a team player mentality is a must.
  • Experience with MOE and Dotmatix products is a plus.