Monthly Meeting Report
November 2011 Monthly Meeting Report

By Kathi Browne & Michael Filosa

Norris Award Dinner
Dr. Peter Mahaffy of the King’s Uni- versity College in Edmonton, Canada, received the 60th annual James Flack Norris Award for Outstanding Achievement in Teaching Chemistry at the November meeting of the NESACS, held on November 10th at Astra-Zeneca in Waltham, Massachu- setts. Dr. Mahaffy was introduced by his associate, Dr. Margaret-Ann Armour, of the University of Alberta.
Dr. Mahaffy’s presentation, Should Atoms Come First? Teaching Chemistry from Rich Contexts, addressed ways in which the current general chemistry curriculum could be restructured to ensure a curriculum rich in content while simultaneously addressing the current challenges faced by scientists within the global community.
Dr. Mahaffy has generously donated the honorarium received from the award to support African chemistry education and undergraduate student research experiences. (By Kathi Browne)
Heyn Memorial Prize
At the November Meeting the Arno Heyn Memorial Book Prize was also presented to Harvey Steiner of Art Related Technology, Inc. Harvey rem- inisced about the day Arno came in with “his muscle, Vince Gale” and asked Harvey, “Can you do this?” That began Harvey’s 20 year tenure produc- ing 10 issues per year of the Nucleus. Harvey marveled at Arno’s memory of detail and his visits with “his posse of Myke Simon and Don Rickter” (also no slouches at attention to detail) to proofread and correct the final copy. Vince, Myke and Don are all previous recipients of the Heyn Prize. Harvey was a gracious and most appropriate recipient of the seventh award.
AstraZeneca was a wonderful venue for the monthly meeting. Many thanks to Ken Mattes and Astra- Zeneca for making this possible. (By Micael Filosa)
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