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Connections to Chemistry
2012 Report
by Marietta Schwartz, NESACS Education Chair, UMass, Boston
  The Thirteenth Annual Connections to Chemistry program took place at Burlington High School (Burlington, MA) on Thursday, October 18th, 2012. The program is aimed at connecting high school chemistry teachers with the educational resources of the American Chemical Society. Each registrant participated in two of four different workshops which included presentations on “Using a Smartpen in Your Classroom: Inexpensive Technology with Positive Impact on Student Learning” (given by Mr. Alan Crosby, Newton South High School), a National Chemistry Week themed workshop on “Nano in the Museum: Opportunities and Resources for Chemistry Educators” (presented by David Sittenfeld and Karine Thate of the Boston Museum of Science), another National Chemistry Week themed workshop on “There's Plenty of Room at the Bottom: Nanotechnology” (offered by Dr. Frank Tsung and students, Boston College) and a workshop on “Chemagination!” (given by Dr. Randy Weitraub and Dr. Barbara Ameer). Over 50 registrants attended.

The participants were welcomed by Marietta Schwartz, Connections Program Chair and Chair of the NESACS Education Committee, and by Peter Nassiff, Head of the Science Department at Burlington High School.


Following the workshops and dinner (highlighted by the traditional baked apples with caramel sauce), the keynote address was given by Dr. Langer. His talk, entitled “Biomaterials and biotechnology: From the discovery of the first angiogenesis inhibitors to the development of controlled drug delivery systems and the foundation of tissue engineering” gave an overview of his work in chemical engineering as applied to medical problems, including biodegradable polymers and tissue engineering. His address was followed by the traditional raffle of American Chemical Society items.

  All of the participants received a one year’s subscription to ChemMatters, an award–winning magazine for high school chemistry, published by the ACS. Participants also received copies of the Journal of Chemical Education, Chemical & Engineering News, and The Nucleus.
2012 Connections to Chemistry Event
- photo by M.Z. Hoffman