NESACS Meeting – Hill Award

 - photos by M.Z. Hoffman/James Phillips Recognition of 50-year members (with Katherine Lee, NESACS Chair) Recognition of 60-year members (with Katherine Lee, NESACS Chair) The Henry A. Hill Award People Panel Discussion: Life After Restructuring

NESACS Meeting – Hill Award

 - photos by M.Z. Hoffman Recognition of 50-year members (with Jerry Jasinski, NESACS Chair) The Henry A. Hill Award ACS Appreciation Speaker

NESACS Meeting – Hill Award, Norris Award, US Chemistry Olympiad Team,

 - photos by Morton Z. Hoffman Presentation of the 2017 U.S. Chemistry Olympiad Team Presentation of the Henry A. Hill Award (posthumously to Marietta Haeg Schwartz) Presentation of the James Flack Norris Award   Celebrating the Norris Award At the Reception At the Registration Desk  

NESACS Meeting – Hill Award

The 1,001st Meeting of the Northeastern Section of the American Chemical Society Joint NOBCChE-NESACS Meeting Pathways to sustainability through electrochemical technologies Fikile Brushett Fikile Brushett Associate Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering at MIT February 11th 2021 4:30-5:30pm NESACS Board Meeting 5:30-6:30pm Break for Dinner 6:30-7:00pm Virtual Networking 7:00-8:30pm Presentation of Henry Hill Award […]

NESACS Meeting – Hill Award – Feb 2022

Joint NE NOBCChE-NESACS Meeting Henry Hill Lecture and Award Recognition Thursday – February 17, 2022 Zoom Featuring: Professor Richmond Sarpong, Professor of Chemistry at the University of California Berkeley. For more information:   Title: Break-it-to-Make-it Strategies for Chemical Synthesis Inspired by Complex Natural Products   Abstract: Natural products continue to inspire and serve as […]