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Government Relations
Our Mission
In collaboration with the ACS External Affairs and Communications Office we advocate for :
  • Innovation through Research and Technology
  • Science Education and Workforce
  • Sustainability and the Environment
  • Science in Public Policy

Volunteer Opportunities
Committee Membership is open to all those members of the Northeastern Section who wish to participate in the section’s government policy related activities: congressional visits, participation in the Act4Chemistry network, local town halls, or other policy-related activities.¬† Interested members may contact the Committee Chair, and are encouraged to become familiar with ACS policy positions and advocacy tools.

Who are we?
  Dr. Doris I. Lewis, Chair

Fiscal Year 2018 Science Budget Request
Find out what President Trump’s 2018 budget request could mean for science.

Act4Chemistry Legislative Action Network
What is Act4Chemistry?
  • ACS’ legislative network with 15,000+ members.
  • Suite of tools and programs that provides support to individual members, local sections, state committees, and other groups.
  • An easy way to advocate for chemistry and takes only minutes to join!

ACS Public Policy Fellowships
ACS has two types of Public Policy Fellowship programs: the Science Policy Fellowship and the Congressional Fellowship. ¬†Please see Fellowship Programs for more information.